The Futura Award is open to South Tyroleans who:

  • have not yet reached the age of 35* by the closing date for applications (31 August 2024).
  • have been professionally active for at least three years, either abroad or outside the region.
  • have distinguished themselves by special achievements both during their training and in their professional life.
  • have completed their studies.
  • have maintained an emotional link to South Tyrol.

Candidates may apply for the sponsorship award a total of two times.

*born 1989


Application documents

Each application requires that the following documents be submitted by 31 August 2024*:

Application documents are to be sent to the following address:
Unione Albergatori e Pubblici Esercenti (HGV)
c.a. di Alexandra Silvestri
Via Macello 59 - I-39100 Bolzano

*Postmark or date of receipt of e-mail will apply

The Futura award for young south tyroleans abroad is awarded every two years.